The first project meeting took place in Belgium. In the months before pupils had been working on the topic of EU. They did a survey in which they presented the information about how people in their country feel about the EU and investigated origins of their colleagues . They shared the results of their surveys during the meeting and had the opportunity to compare the outcomes.
During the project meeting the pupils looked at problems the EU encounters and how they could solve them in the future. The discussed and prepared posters on how to help in building a better future for the EU. Students participated also in various sporting activities, sightseeing trips, culture night during which they could get to know other countries better. They also visited the European Parliament and had the opportunity to talk to Kathleen van Brempt, member of the European Parliament.

Students form Finland, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Poland worked on creating a film entitled “EU good for u!?” They worked in international groups preparing videos presenting different aspects why EU is good for them.